1. Write a bash script that prompts a user to enter either a U.S. zip code or a Canadian
postal code.
Your application should validate the input with a regular expression(s),
and print out which type the code is, or that it doesn’t match either.
U.S. Postal Code form:
Canadian Postal Code form:
(Hint: it is quite easy to find a regular expression that does this, just google “u.s.
canadian postal code regular expression”)2. Create a python program that opens the accompanying web log and prints out both the IP address and
the command issued (against a web server). https://learn.vccs.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-122702913-dt… (You must submit the actual source code for the project as python program, and not in any other format, e.g. embedded in a Word document. Include 2 to 4 screen shots showing successful operation of your program.)