“As we discussed, to stay in the program you’ll need to appeal since you were unable to complete a course this term, per the policy below. You only have a short window so send an email to record office right away and Cc: me. The email should briefly detail your challenges this term and how you plan to overcome those challenges next term if given the opportunity to continue. They generally make their decision within a day so you’ll know the outcome pretty quickly. I think you’ll be fine but don’t delay. Please let me know if you have any questions. Here are a few other things we discussed:Academic Suspension due to lack of progress: Undergraduate students who complete less than 3 competency units in a term, or graduate students who complete less than 2 competency units in a term, are placed on academic suspension and are administratively withdrawn from the university at the end of the term. Students who wish to appeal administrative withdrawal, due to academic suspension or expulsion, may do so in writing to the Registrar’s office. Appeals should be submitted between the 25th day of the last month of the current term (the term where less than 3 competency units are completed for undergraduate or 2 are completed for graduate), and up to the 5th day of the suspension term. Appeals must clearly state the reason the student failed to make academic progress and include an explanation of how the student will be academically successful if allowed to continue enrollment.Please help me to write a really good email to explain why I’m not successful with courses. I was brought to hospital ER for next day to surgery my bowl with appendix. I was lost my three months times from my motivated and pain. I don’t have chance to catch up with courses.I already study courses and definitely ready for next term to pass them.You can add anything to preserve that from issues.Thank you so much!