1. Review the following:Barriers to Entry in the Ecommerce BusinessGoogle Analytics CollectionHow Cloud Integration Is Defining The Future Of CRMThe top 10 customer relationship management servicesProvide an example of how two different companies accumulate customer information for their customer and sales database. Describe in detail.2. Research e-commerce security problems related to payment systems through the following:The Study of E-Commerce Security Issues and SolutionsSecurity Issues in E-CommerceGlobal eCommerce and Fraud Trends for 2016Select one security problem you have reviewed and discuss its components.3. Research one e-commerce business in the retail or services industry that is considered an industry leader. Develop a detailed list of the organization’s offerings and how these offerings compare to one of their major competitors.4. After reading the article, Digital Game Changers, research one the 8 new digital trends discusssed in the article, Digital Trends to Watch For. Focus on how an internet giant like Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, or Twitter is implementing it. Describe the new trend and how it changes the online content distribution of that company.5. After reviewing the following:E-Procurement Process Quick GuideWatch VideoEcommerce B2B Supply Chain and Collaborative Commerce – Video Lesson 12Duration: (81:40)User: leebogner – Added: 11/5/13YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5v95Inq8OwProvide an example of B2B commerce (trade between 2 businesses). Be sure to list potential benefits of this collaborative commerce, explaining how it benefits the businesses.No plagiarism. Try to describe them as short as possible.